An experience that unites us to ancient crafts, culture, tradition, nature and the charm of the Nansa.

In this experience we enter the cultural landscapes of Upper Nansa to learn about the ancient trades. We will start in the craftsmanship of stone , at the hands of Vicente, the stonemason of Sarceda.

The first contact with the stone will be in Tudanca , an ancestral town , a historical-artistic complex , which preserves the layout of rural architecture from the Baroque period.

A walk through the town brings us closer to stone carving , the specialty of the mountain stonemason, reflected in the construction and decoration in relief.

This approach to the quarrying trade connects us with the traditional rural world, popular life and architecture.

In Vicente's house-workshop, we take the first steps in the old stonemason trade , which gave Cantabria so much fame.

Our stone craftsman will teach us the techniques and tools with which we will work the stone with our own hands .

Thanks to Vicente's knowledge and our efforts, we will take home a small stone carving.

Traditional gastronomy

The effort of the carving will whet our appetite so once the workshop is over, we will taste the traditional gastronomy that will unite us to the roots of the territory.

The excellent meats of this valley tell us about another of the oldest trades in the area, that of livestock. Since the Middle Ages they have been shaping the landscape, becoming the great constructor of the landscape that we now interpret.

Slow trekking-Peaceful hiking

In the afternoon, and after the after-meal, we propose a slow trekking , a gentle walk , of approximately one hour. We walk slowly while we have the opportunity to know the natural heritage of upper Nansa and discover other ancient trades that are related to the natural resources of the valley.

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Stonemason for a day

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Nr. Adults
Nr. Children
  • Departure Time: 9:00

    Duration: 11 hours approx

    Activities: stone carving workshop, slow hiking

    Group: 4 people (minimum) - 7 people (maximum)

    Languages: Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, Italian

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