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Discover the fascinating world of mushrooms from the hand of guides You will be surprised to discover the wonderful world of mushrooms.

We will first give you a brief introduction to the kingdom of mushrooms and give you some guidelines to follow during the trip. Then we will begin the search for the specimens, of which we will describe their characteristics.

Upon returning to the restaurant we will carry out an identification workshop with the help of some explanatory sheets.

To finish we will taste an exquisite mycological menu by Chef Antonio de Vicente.

** About the online reservation process: our online reservation management system will ask you for a "shipping address" as a method to collect your data for billing your reservation.


  • Your guide is a Technical Forest Engineer and Mycological Guide titled by Micosfera dedicated entirely to nature tourism and environmental education. During his studies he has collaborated with different mycological associations and has given numerous lectures on mushrooms. It is also a free time monitor and will make the little ones have a good time learning.

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