In the morning we go on the road, walking calmly along old roads, while we do various activities that open
our imagination, looking for details ... letting nature offer us sensations and provide us with ideas .

We will stop to eat and then it will be time to put words and images to our experience, expressing the emotions that
we have experienced or imagining stories.

Let's be creative, let's be curious ... it's about looking and looking again, browsing, inquiring ... aided by any tool that helps us to write, draw, annotate.

In our route we make use of all the senses, to discover
how the forest shows its beauty and its value!

We R eco-collect fruits of the forest , breathe the pure air of the Nansa Valley, listen to the litter under our feet and the song of the birds above our heads, we touch the different textures that are displayed here and there ... a lot of sensations!

Everything felt and learned opens our minds to creativity and we write wonderful stories, or create beautiful paintings with natural elements.

We experience creativity without complexes, freely!

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  • Start time: 10:30 am

    Duration: 7 hours (includes 1 hour stop for lunch)

    Minimum group: 7 adults

    Maximum group: 15 people including children.

    Meeting point: in Alto Nansa (each family travels with their vehicle to the meeting point)

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