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Learn the secrets of a good cut of ham and enjoy a very tasty experience

From € 57 / pers.


  • Parts of the ham and shoulders.

  • Denominations of origin and producer geographical areas.

  • Manipulation and cutting theory.

  • Production data, montaneras, characteristics.

  • Handling and cutting hands-on class

  • Tasting


  • START TIME:     To be agreed

  • DURATION:      4 hours approx.

  • GROUP MIN. :  6 pax - Group max. 30 pax

      (subject to capacity limitations for health reasons)

  • MEETING:       Cantabria


Enjoy this experience of cutting ham from the hand of a Master Cutter in which you will learn all the elements and essential procedures for the correct handling of the Ham. It will be an intense workshop consisting of a theory part and a practice part, all with the aim of making it an enjoyable but at the same time very useful and practical experience. 


You will have a good time while you learn all the secrets of the correct cut of the Ham. Parts of the session:


THEORY: Types of cuts, parts of the ham, "designations of origin", how to detect fraud in the product? How to choose a good ham? Types of hams and shoulders, the life of the pig, by-products and use of the ham, professional tools cutting and manufacturing, etc ...

PRACTICE: Ham cut, Decorations and professional presentations, tasting. veining, differentiation of parts, style and shapes, requirement of cuts according to the event,

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  • Ham D.O.P. Teruel Serrano

  • Iberian bait Ham

  • Jamon 



To carry out this event we move to the any point within Cantabria. Travel expenses will also be reflected in the budget.


You can just put the facilities to carry out the activity, and you do not have any, we take care of it.


PRICE: It will depend on the number of people, location of the activity, if you need facilities to carry out the workshop and the type of ham selected.


Ask for more information without obligation

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