Sharpening the senses: Aromatic Experience

An aromatic experience to awaken the senses. Through touch, hearing, smell, taste and sight you will connect with nature, culture, the most authentic and traditional smells and flavors of Cantabria.

Everything in Carmona, one of the most beautiful towns in Spain.


Human beings memorize seven times more what we smell than what we see and it takes 10 years to forget a smell and only three to forget an image. That is why we say that everything starts with breathing and that we propose this experience-workshop so that you can make your own perfume.


This aromatic experience begins in the streets of the town of Carmona, where we will recall the aromas of yesteryear. We will also do a small one in search of possible aromas and contact with nature. Finally we will carry out the aromatic workshop.


Duration: 1 day

Accommodation option in rural house

Option to add slow hiking

Minimum group 6 - maximum 17
Place: Carmona

In the streets of Carmona you can breathe the spirit of the Middle Ages, it is not surprising that it is a Historic-Artistic Complex.

This pub, which is felt and touched and recalls aromas of yesteryear such as wood, is the perfect setting for our aromatic experience.

Please ask us for more information, we will be happy to help

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