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Make your own butter and take it home


Touring the Pasiego Valleys is like taking a trip back in time, their houses, their inhabitants and their customs seem anchored in their roots and remain immune to the passage of time.


Within this framework, we find the La Jarradilla Cheese Factory, a family traditional cheese factory that keeps and respects the most traditional recipes for the production of its products.


The cheese factory opens its doors to us so that we can learn how the traditional Pasiega Butter is made, as well as to visit its facilities.


As it could not be otherwise, this experience is complemented with a tasting of cheeses and other local products. You are going to love it!



Start time: to be defined

Duration: 4 hours approx.

Minimum group 12 - maximum 30
Place: Valles Pasiegos

A half-day experience so that you can enjoy the landscapes of Pasia and get to know first-hand the operation of a traditional cheese factory. And to top it off, you will participate in a traditional pasiega butter workshop.


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